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First online 28-Jul-98, Club T was Richard's brainchild and originally housed on a university server at A month later, Mike hopped on board and, armed with both his extensive knowledge and collection, the site took off. Needless to say, Club Tokyo quickly outgrew Richard's meager web space and the site moved to And there it resided until 21-Jan-00, when Richard bought the domain, where the site has found it's permanent home. Bob then joined up, bringing along with him an extensive and ever-growing library of kaiju toy and collectible reviews, and spurring the site's growth beyond simply toy galleries to articles, charts, discussion groups, and much more.

Though we've never submitted Club Tokyo to any search engines, it has found it's way onto several, including Yahoo!'s site directory. In addition, we have never asked for a link or an award. In spite of our intentionally reserved approach to promoting the site, Club T still receives an average of 2,000 unique page hits per day, has been taught in a University of Delaware course (Comsumerism in Modern Japan), featured on the AMC television channel, and contacted by The National Geographic Society.

Recently, Club Tokyo moved to the number one spot for Godzilla toy sites on Yahoo!, as well as adding Monster Zero and the DaikaijuEiga List to the Club T family. We've debutted a collectors mailing list and successfully begun moving the entire site to a new server, with a fresh design and database-backed, searchable information.

Richard Cox

Administrator, Site Design, Editor, Graphic Designer, Photography

Richard resides in the Southeastern U.S. and is an avid collector of primarily Marmit, Bandai, M-1, capule/candy toys, Heisei-era posters, and the occasional vintage item. He's partial to the Godzilla 1962 suit and Hedorah.

Richard writes most of the articles for Club Tokyo, as well as administration work and the occasional addition from his collection, whenever he actually gets something before Mike. Richard also generally adds submitted material to the galleries.

Mike Johnson

Site Design, Editor, Photography, Graphic Designer

Mike lives on the west coast and collects pretty much everything he can get his hands on, but is particularly partial to M-1's many high-quality releases. Mike provides the lion's share of images and descriptions for the site.

Please check out his sale list and bid on his auctions in order to help him get more stuff.

Bob Schneider

Editor, Collectible Reviews

Bob is a technical writer by trade who works as an independent training consultant in the Pittsburgh area. After growing up watching Godzilla films on television, he rediscovered kaiju eiga in the mid 90s and has been an avid fan ever since. Bob's collection consists mostly of Bandai figures, assorted candy toys, and a growing number of M1 products. He is the editor and primary contributor to our ever-growing Collectible Reviews section.