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In their few years of releasing Godzilla toys and merchandies, Trendmasters became during their prime the source of goods for North American collectors. Having already released more product than any company outside of Japan, Trendmasters acquired the license to issue toys for the Tristar Godzilla release as well, further cementing their place as a major Godzilla toy producer. Trendmasters released figures in several different packaging variations. It can be a real challenge for a collector to try and get all the package different variations. The major lines in the Classic Godzilla series have been King of the Monsters and Godzilla Wars. A Doom Island line was prototyped, but never saw a day of light in the US except in very limited quantities through a web site contest. More Doom Island figures and sets turned up in Hong Kong.


Year Preview Title
1997Angilas (Power-up) First Shot
1997Biollante 10 Inch First Shot
1997Godzilla 10 Inch Hardcopy
1997King Ghidorah (Heisei) Head Sculpt
1997King Ghidorah (Heisei) Prototype
1997MechaGodzilla 1993 Hardcopy
1997MechaGodzilla 1993 Head Sculpt
1997MechaGodzilla 1993 Unreleased Prototype Head
1998Destoroyah (Mega-Mutation) First Shot
1998Godzilla (Mega Mutation) First Shot
1998Godzilla 1998 (Ameri-Goji) First Shots
1998Godzilla 1998 (Ameri-Goji) Thundertail Hardcopy
1998Phillipe (Godzilla 1998) First Shot
1999Gyaos, Hyper Engineering Pilot
1999Stegosaurus (Doom Island) First Shot