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Obviously, there is a wide variety of stuff out there to collect and, of course, some of it is so unique and esoteric it simply doesn't fit well into any set category large enough to warrant it's own section. Thus the need for the miscellaneous gallery. You might notice that some stuff will be rotating in and out of this section, as other galleries open that prove to fit certain pieces nicely.

Medium Candy Toys

Year Preview Title
1993Nagasakiya Gojira Dai Shugo -
1993Nagasakiya Gojira Dai Shugo - Gekitou Hen
1993Nagasakiya Gojira Dai Shugo - Gyakushu Hen
1999Furuta Gamera Key Chain Set
2000Daimajin Set
2000Gamera Set
2001Bottle Cap Collectible Set
2002Daie Set 1
2002Daie Set 2
2003Bottle Cap Set 2 by Jun Planning
2003Daie Gamera Set
2004Attack Godzilla
2004Godzilla Final Wars Chess Set
2004Marble Shooters
2004SF Movie Selection Gamera
2005Gamera Set
2005Ultra Artwork Set One
2006Figumate Gamera Set
2006Gamera Artworks
2006Gamera SF Movie Selections Vol 2
2006Godzilla Artwork Set
2006Marusan Plamodels
2006SF Daei Set
2006SF Gamera(Toto)
2006SF Movie Selection King Kong
2006Ultra Artworks Set 2
2006Ultra Artworks Set 3
2007Godzilla Artworks 2
2007Kitahara World Toy Collection Vol 1
2007Toho SD Monsters