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The company to produce kaiju over the longest consecutive period of time, Bandai's first figures appeared in 1983-84. Since then, Bandai has produced well over 75 figures in varying sizes, theater editions, and limited series, as well as a number of other products such as candy and capsule toys and model kits. Bandai figures for the core of most every kaiju collection.

Medium Candy Toys

Year Preview Title
1992Legend of Godzilla
1992Legend of Godzilla 2
1992Real Godzilla 1
1993DX Real Godzilla
1993Godzilla Go-Go
1993Godzilla SD Finger Puppet Set
1993Real Godzilla 2
1993Real Godzilla 3
1993Real Godzilla 4
1994Super Real Godzilla
1995Godzilla Wind Up Go 1
1995Godzilla Wind Up Go 2
1995Hyper Real Godzilla
1996DX Real Mothra
1996Mothra Keychain Set
1996Mothra Set
1996Real Gamera
1997Mothra 2 Set
1998Best of Godzilla
1998Perfect Mothra
2000Godzilla Appearance
2000Ultra Real Godzilla
2002Godzilla Appearance 2
2002Mini Battle G Set
2004Battle Set 1
2004Battle Set 2
2004Battle Set 3
2004Real Product Stage Godzilla Complete Works 1
2005Real Product Stage Godzilla Complete Works 2nd
2006Real Product Stage Godzilla Complete Works 3
2006Ultraman Real Product Stage EX 1
2007Classic Godzilla 50th Anniversary
2007Real Product Stage Godzilla Final Works
2007Ultraman Real Product Stage EX 2