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The company to produce kaiju over the longest consecutive period of time, Bandai's first figures appeared in 1983-84. Since then, Bandai has produced well over 75 figures in varying sizes, theater editions, and limited series, as well as a number of other products such as candy and capsule toys and model kits. Bandai figures for the core of most every kaiju collection.

Small Capsule Toys

Year Preview Title
1992Godzilla Kumitate
1992SD Gojira
1992Super Deformed Finger Puppet Set 1
1992Super Deformed Finger Puppet Set 2
1993FB (Future Boom) Collection 1
1993Hikaru Godzilla
1993SD Gojira 2
1994FB (Future Boom) Collection 2
1994Sunshine Godzilla 1
1995FB (Future Boom) Collection 3
1995Heat-Up Godzilla
1995Sunshine Godzilla 2
1996Godzilla Pencil Toppers
1996Mothra SD
1996Sunshine Gamera
1998Godzilla Sofubi Collection 1
1998Godzilla Sofubi Collection 2
1999Gamera Sofubi