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Bandai Godzillasaurus Memorial Box Godzillasaurus

The Memorial Box Godzillasaurus differs from the standard issue primarily in the highlight colors. Both figures are a sienna brown in color, though. While the '93 Godzillasaurus has tannish highlights the Memorial Box release has silver. The tag comes loose with the figure, making it something more of a card in actuality. The image on the front is from the original Advance One-Sheet poster art from Godzilla v. King Ghidorah.

Like all of the figures in the Memorial Box, Godzillasaurus is limited to 3000 pieces and was available only in the box itself. Any individual Memorial Box Godzillasauri available come from a broken-up set.

Contributed By: Michael Johnson; Description By: Richard Cox

Year of Initial Release: 1995

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