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Godzilla Resource Publishers Coloring Book

Godzilla Resource Publishers Coloring Book

Published in 1977 by Resource Publishers Inc., Cincinnati Ohio, and retailing for only 69, this coloring book contains 64 pages of Godzilla (many traced from movie lobby cards) destroying Tokyo and hanging out with all sorts of prehistoric dinosaur pals.

Also included are actual full page B/W stills from the movie Godzilla's Revenge. Throughout the book, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Minilla, Kumonga, Kamakiras and Ebirah are pictured along with Godzilla. The text describes Godzilla's attack on tokyo and flashes back to the time when Godzilla walked with dinosaurs. The text states that Godzilla "was a Sub-Oceanic Megalosaurus", "He was 400 feet tall", and that he "came from a time when Dinosaurs ruled the world."

The various drawings of dinosaurs are traced from Pyro model kit boxes, Ray Harryhausen's One Million Years BC movie, Gold Key's Turok Son of Stone comic books and old 50's/60's dinosaur reference books, among others. Interesting text & fun facts about the dinos accompany the drawings. The book is copyrighted 1977 by Toho Company LTD on the very first page. Lotsa coloring fun... so get out the crayons!!!!

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