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Godzilla Classic Box

Godzilla Classic Box

The Godzilla Classic Box was available only via preorder in late 2001 through Kinokuniya bookstores, and numbers were produced to exactly matched the preorder amounts. The set is quite large and hefty, as the packaging includes several boxes comprised of thisk, sturdy cardboard. The box features, on the front, the classic shot of Godzilla '54 and the quote:

That Godzilla may not be the last of its kind. As long as H-bomb tests continue, we may expect to see more of the species somewhere in the world.

This quote is repeated on all sides of the box, as well as on the back, which also features a very nice photo of Eiji Tsubaraya with a Godzilla maquette. The set retailed in Japan for 15000.

Though comprised primarily of various reissues, the Classic Box is made up of a couple of miscellaneous collectibles, as well as three subsets and, when all are taken into account, the Classic Box delves into most areas of Godzilla collecting with abandon. The three subsets include the Godzilla Excellence Set, Godzilla Color Bromide Set, and Godzilla Speed Poster Set.

Miscellaneous Pieces

First up, the two miscellaneous items in the Classic Box. The first is one of the most anticipated collectibles this year, the M-1 Godzilla '62 (King-Goji). The figure is molded in a steely blue with a paintjob similar to that of M-1's Godzilla 2000, albeit with yellow eyes. The figure is stamped "Classic Box" on the foot. The other miscellaneous item is actually yet another set unto itself; a complete set of reissued Destroy All Monsters lobby cards from 1968. The cards come packaged together in a large manilla envelope.

Godzilla Excellence SetGodzilla Excellence Set

The Excellence Set is by far the largest and most varied set in the Classic Box. The box is designed to look like a hardcover book. The sides are a slightly rough, off-white cardboard, and when the box is opened, again much as a book would be, one is met with endpapers. Hidden behind these are a number of very nice pieces.

First up is a centerfold-style flyer for the set itself, featuring the box art on the front and a detailed explanation of the Box contents in the interior. The back cover includes credits for the set. Next is a book of mini posters, or Chirashi. This booklet contains artwork from GMK on both covers and includes a poster for every single Japanese Godzilla film to date. Thirdly is a reproduction of the original Godzilla '54 theatrical program.

Four more items also come packaged in the Excellence Set, including a sticker set from 1968, and a Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster notepad from 1960. Completing the Godzilla Excellence Set are two other very nice additions to anyone's collection. There's a Godzilla manga from 1955 featuring Godzilla fighting Angilas, as well as excellent artwork including Godzilla taking on a whale, a spread from which is pictured here. And finally is a set of mini Godzilla and MechaGodzilla model kits from Bullmark, circa 1974. They are packaged together in a box with a very nice cover image, which also clearly notes the kits as being a part of the Classic Box and reissued by M-1.

Godzilla Color Bromide Set

Bromides are very similar to trading cards, except they are sized more along the lines of postcards and have blank backs. Many of the cards have been colorized and all feature either film or kaiju information on the front. One great thing about this set is that it features many Toho kaiju which are not directly tied into Godzilla, such as the Yog kaiju or the gargantuas. The Classic Box features a complete set of 200 bromides, most of which are packaged in a very nice, sturdy red box. Thirty of which, however, come seperately packaged as an independent set, in envelopes and tied at the top.

Godzilla Speed Poster Set

Rounding out the packed Godzilla Classic Box is the Speed Poster set, which includes four classic speed, or insert, posters rolled into yet another finely crafted box. The four posters included in the set hail from Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster, Monster Zero, Godzilla's Revenge, and Godzilla v. The Sea Monster.

Again, it's important to note that most everything in the Classic Box is a reissue. The entire set is very nicely packaged, and covers so many aspects of collecting it's like a mini collection unto itself.

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