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Polystone Series M-7

Polystone Series M-7

This is the seventhin a series of small diorama sculptures released by Bandai. The M-7/Vol. 7 release features Kaiser Ghidorah from Godzilla Final Wars facing off against Godzilla in the ruins of Japan.

The polystones released for Final Wars differ from all of the earlier pieces in the series. Firstly, they are not sculpted by Yuji Sakai. Secondly, they are about an inch larger in dimension and various parts are a soft rubber or vinyl instead of resin, such as Ghidorah's tail and wings or Godzilla's spines. The size change and addition of the more pliable material were done in order to address the breakage issues older Polystones had during shipping.

The sculpture comes in a somewhat generic window box and features a black and white image of the diorama on the back.

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