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Bandai Polystone Series M-4

Bandai Polystone Series M-4

This is the fourth in a series of small, roughly 3 1/2 inch tall diorama sculptures released by Bandai. The small, somewhat fragile pieces are by master sculptor Yuji Sakai, and are impecibly detailed, as with all of Master Sakai's work.

The M-4/Vol. 4 release features MechaGodzilla from Godzilla X MechaGodzilla facing off against Godzilla n the Pacific. It's a highly detailed, colorful piece.

M-3 and M-4 are tough to find. When the final product was shipped from China to Japan, many of the small, fragile dioramas were broken in transit. Bandai never returned or reordered more sets, thus the limited availability.

The sculptures come in a small, somewhat generic window box and feature a black and white image of the diorama on the back.

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