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Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)

Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)

The Marmit King Goji mold was first issued in 1997. The standard issue of the figure has silver fins and claws, and both white teeth and eyes.

The white vinyl version was an exclusive; a top prize in a game of some sort at a show. Exactly how many White Godzilla 62 figures there are is unknown. Originally there were thought to only be around 10 in existence, but it's now believed that the numbers are closer to 30-50. In either case, it's a pretty difficult, and very cool, piece to come across.

The first, black standard issue came with the older brown header card. It's feet are stamped with the figure name (in kanji) as well as the Marmit logo and date of the mold. The green King Goji has the newer, colorful card. The white version, on the other hand, is known to have been issued with both the brown card and the more colorful, newer header card. Why this is could be anyone's guess. The brown carded one could be a part of the first pressing, with the later card belonging to a subsequent reissue. Or it could have no significance whatsoever. In any case, both do have the circular gold sticker denoting the figure's limited availability.

In 2001, Marmit released their first show exclusives for the U.S. market, a set of ten fully painted figures from their Vinyl Paradise series at the 2001 San Diego Comic Con. Each figure in the set is limited to 100 pieces, only 80 of which made it to the show; the other 20 were reserved for sale in Japan. Of the ten figures, two (King-Goji and Hedo-Goji) were completely sold out by the end of the show. The San Diego Marmits are all fully painted in detail similar to their Toho Para baby series. The header card for each of the figures likewise is similar to that of the much smaller Para figures, though larger, and is stamped as a limited figure. Some San Diego Marmits were also available with the older, brown Marmit header card.

The Godzilla 1962 SD figure is molded in navy blue with deep green highlights. The spines are gold, claws silver, and mouth pink. The eyes are white with navy pupils and the teeth are white. The chest has an area of olive green on it.

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The vinyl color is the same as the San Diego Comicon variation....


Event Exclusive



Show Exclusive


Show Exclusive

Green Gallery Shop Exclusive

Marmit released this variation in 2003, exclusive to their Gallery shops in Japan, a very limited release, the Gallery G62 is actually molded in beige...

Previews Exclusive

This variation was released in November 2014, and is a U.S.-released Previews Exclusive (PX). Unlike the Japanese Vinyl Paradise releases, instead...

San Diego Comicon

Show Exclusive

Translucent Blue

This versions seems to be very difficult to find....

Translucent Navy Blue

Event Exclusive


Show Exclusive