Theater Exclusives

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Theatrical Exclusives

One great thing about the collecting of theater exclusive items, such as lobby cards or posters, is that they're only available for a limited time, the theatrical run of the film, which in Japan can be as short as 4 weeks. Plus, many were never intended for retail distribution, thus adding to their scarcity and charm.

In addition, many items are actually sold in theaters and nowhere else, such as theater programs, special toys, and other exclusive pieces of memorabilia.

The one-sheet is the most common size of theatrical poster, and is the size most commonly found in both collections and theatrical marquees. Depending on the country and year of release, the size of a one-sheet will vary.

Comparison of one-sheet sizes between the U.S. and Japan, in inches
Japan20.25x28.75(to 1963)20x28 (1964-)

Note that the sizes are also going to vary for international releases as well.

In addition to the one-sheet, various other sizes of poster have been available, including the half-sheet, two-, and three-sheets, all the way up to the gigantic Godzilla v King Kong twelve-sheet. Obviously, a two-sheet is twice the size of the one-sheet, etc., etc.