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Bandai Memorial Box Figure Comparisons

By Richard Cox (2001)

(All Memorial Figures are shown to the right of each image.)


Bandai Angilas

The Memorial Box issue Angilas differs greatly from the 1989 standard issue. The Memorial Angilas is molded in a very light sienna brown, while the '89 Angilas is a much darker umber hue. In addition, the spines and highlights on the Memorial figure are silver; the original has golden highlights.

Battra Larva

Bandai Battra Larva

The primary differences in Battra Larva releases lie in the use of highlight colors. Specifically, the feelers, horn, and legs are all yellow on the Memorial Box release, while they are golden in the original pressing.


Bandai Gigan

One of the figures in the set which has the most striking differences between molds, the Memorial Box Gigan is molded in a pale blue, while the standard release is black in color.

Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)

Bandai Godzilla 1962

Another figure with many apparent differences, the standard issue King-Goji is both molded in green and is a hard vinyl, while the Memorial version is molded in a soft vinyl and a deep charcoal gray in color. The spines are much larger in the original issue, possibly due to mold shrinkage or the differing vinyl types.

Bandai Godzilla 1962 Side

And speaking of the spines, they are highlighted in silver along with other areas on the figure on the '84 Goji. On the memorial Box G '62 the highlighted areas are white. Note also the missing chest highlighting.


Bandai Godzillasaurus

The molds on the two Godzillasauri are identical. It is in the highlighting that a stark contrast between the figures can be drawn. The original has painted-on detailing primarily in gold, while the Memorial figure is much more vibrant in color, with white spines, a purple neck, white belly area, and pale yellow nails. There are also several other minute differences that can be noticed.


Bandai Hedorah

Unlike the Godzillasaurus, the highlighting on the two Hedorah figures are very similar. Instead, it is the vinyl that varies; the Memorial Smog Monster is molded in green while the earlier issue is black.

King Ghidorah (1964)

King Ghidorah (1964)

The Memorial Box Ghidorah differs from the various earlier issues of the Showa Ghidorah in a couple of ways. The Memorial figure has very few painted highlights. The only real highlights on the Memorial figure is on the face; the eyes, teeth and tongue. The original releases, on the other hand, also included black highlights in such areas as the wingtips, knees, and other places. The mold colors also vary, with the Memorial Box Ghidorah being duller in color.